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Entity '' or Global India Radio Corporation as a 'company', is referred as 'GIR' here going forward. DBA: Hypertooling.
GIR is a technology company, using state-of-the-art infrastructure, enabling fm broadcast reach to a global audience on internet.

- GIR digital streams are secured for website domain use only
- GIR does not sell content or lease streams to any third-party, for any public broadcast or any public on-demand content purposes
- GIR may deny redirect requests from any unknown, unwelcome third party websites, preventing their malicious or commercial interests
- GIR confirms to Fair-use law compliance
- GIR may provide listen live link as under faq:developer tab to respective broadcasters
- GIR does not interfere with terrestrial broadcast radio waves in any form
- GIR presents broadcast contents as is, to user, free of charge, forever
- GIR does not alter original media content in any form
- GIR does not stop radio to present in-stream ads on radio stream already playing to the user
- GIR may overlay limited in-stream ad(s) while playing to user, depending on utilization, thresholds and ad availability for that region. User shall always have option to mute any playing ad content.
- GIR does not attempt play any automatic ads if user has stopped the player
- GIR may delivers up to 8 hours of continuous stream play, with user challenge may be starting not later then 3rd hour
- GIR may never generate revenue exceeding operational cost
- All media content expressions & rights belong to respective broadcasters or producers
- GIR is limited to extending on-air public broadcast reach to online users
- All web pages, analytical assets are GIR intellectual property
- All non GIR logos, trademarks or service-marks; and not limited to, used within GIR website belong to respective broadcasters or owners
- GIR may replay original unaltered broadcasts segment(s) if & when, broadcaster goes off-the-air as per their official broadcast schedule; limited to last 24 hours only, with most recent segment first, that sufficiently fills-in the blank-out time for global users. Such feature may not be available for all digital streams
- Complete Terms & conditions and Privacy information in PDF format
- '' domain is also registered domain of GIR
- Contact fax:

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